Feb 2010 update

Pitcher plan, Upper Bengoh.

Work on the series began in 2008. Shooting was completed in mid-2009 and post production commenced September of that year as part of an artists in residence program I had been invited to undertake back in Australia.

At the time of writing all post-production has taken place with out a single penny, or dollar for those slighter younger than I. In-kind support has been provided by Wind & Sky Productions for their work in producing maps, titling and colour grading. I have also received considerable input from film-maker, writer and composer David Nerlich who has provided me with critical feedback to all my post-production scripts and each and every review edit.

More recently, a small number of highly skilled and supportive individuals have reviewed this site and my micro-docs offering essential feed-back and suggestions that will improve the project as it rolls out.

Sarawak Gone is the first Toy Satellite based project since 2005 – a much simpler and reflective Toy Satellite than the multi-faceted and fast paced outfit of former times.

Andrew Garton
February 2010

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