The issues

Sarawak Gone delves into the complex issue of:

  • Native customary rights (NCR);
  • Dams and water resource exploitation;
  • Palm oil plantation.

The series explores the depletion of native customary right to land, the extensive exploitation of that land through palm oil plantation and the controversial construction of water reservoir and hydro-electric dams.

Sarawak Gone has been produved to provide an insight to the personal impacts on the struggles of two communities, the Bidayuh of Upper Bengoh and the Penan of Long Kerong, Ulu Baram.

Two important publications informed much of the research conducted for the series:

  • Land is Life – Land Rights and Oil Palm Development in Sarawak, Marcus Colchester,Wee Aik Pang,
    Wong Meng Chuo and Thomas Jalong, Perkumpulan SawitWatch and Forest Peoples Programme, ISBN: 978-979-15188-3-3. Download Land-is-Life [PDF, 1.3MB]
  • Not Development, but Theft – The testimony of Penan communities in Sarawak, IDEAL TIME Sdn Bhd, ISBN 983-40225-2-2. Download Not-Development-But-Theft [PDF, 800 KB]

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The Last Forest People of Sarawak