Sarawak Gone would not have been possible without the support and commitment of Sarawak’s small, but dynamic team of community activists, the Bidayuh of Upper Bengoh and the Penan of Long Kerong.

  • Production company: Toy Satellite
  • Director / Producer: Andrew Garton
  • Production advisor: David Nerlich
  • CGI / Titling: Wind & Sky Productions
  • Series consultant / translations: SACCESS (Sarawak Access)
  • Legals: Shaun Miller
  • Music: Andrew Garton
  • Field recordings: Diweng Bakir, Jennifer Rubis, Andrew Garton
  • Narration: Andrew Garton

Series supporters

Sarawak Gone was produced with the support and assistance of:


This project would not have been possible without the generous support and guidance provided by:

  • Paul Wilson
  • Grant McHerron
  • Cloud 9 Travel
  • Lynda Watts
  • Mariel Beros
  • Delia Rowe
  • Christine Horne

The Last Forest People of Sarawak