The Headman in post-production

The next Sarawak Gone series, The Headman, is finally in post-production. It was shot in and around the Penan village, Long Kerong, located in the Ulu Baram. It was to be one of the more significant journeys I had made and certainly one that imprinted a deeper connection with Sarawak’s forest communities, and indeed the forest itself.

The Headman is inspired by Kelesau Naan, the former Headman of Long Kerong, allegedly murdered whilst hunting with his wife in October 2007. His remains were found two months later, spread across a river-bed where it was known he had been headed on the day he went missing.

This series traces the life of Kelesau Naan through his son, Nick Kelesau, and the village and forests he had long fought to protect leading to the tragic circumstances of his disappearance.

I’m planning to have at least the first key episode completed by October 23, three years to the day Kelesau is said to have lost his life.

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