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Sarawak Gone – 30 minute version

The full 30 minute version of Sarawak Gone, re-edited for full length viewing. Go to EngageMedia to download, or view right here, right now

Series completed, but it ain’t over yet

There’s a kind of anti-climax when one gets to the end of a project, but not this one. Despite completing the last official episode of this series, it’s far from over

The Headman

On the 23 October 2007 Kelesau Naan, the Headman of the Penan village, Long Kerong, left his wife at a rest area in the forest to check on his traps. He never returned.

Penan at home in Miri

Miri, the nearest city, provides the closest hospital to all the indigenous communities of the Ulu Baram. The Penan of Long Kerong, upper Ulu Baram, have squatted in two run-down timber cottages for over 20 years. It has become a kind of half-way house for those who need frequent medical attention and others who need a place to stay when transiting between their village, Miri and / or other parts of Sarawak