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Subtitle, Share and Remix

Thanks to the folks at it’s now possible to subtitle Sarawak Gone in any of the languages supported by [&hellip

Photo finish

Explore the entire collection of stills from the series, from its inception to completion

International debut at AGITPROP

From 2 – 4 July AGITPROP film festival goes live for the first time in Manila, Philippines. Sarawak Gone will [&hellip

Series completed, but it ain’t over yet

There’s a kind of anti-climax when one gets to the end of a project, but not this one. Despite completing the last official episode of this series, it’s far from over

The Headman in post-production

The next Sarawak Gone series, The Headman, is finally in post-production. It was shot in and around the Penan village, Long Kerong, located in the Ulu Baram.

The Dam completed!

The first series, The Dam, has been completed. The last episode, You Can’t Eat The Road, went online late April. [&hellip

Mar 2010 Update

Last night I completed the first readable draft of Episode three, We can’t eat the road. This is the last [&hellip

Feb 2010 update

Work on the series began in 2008. Shooting was completed in mid-2009 and post production commenced September of that year [&hellip